Seeing the Egyptian temples

Egyptian Temple interior

The Egyptian temples are fascinating places to visit. One thing you will probably not have realized before your visit is that they are exceptionally old. In fact, the Egyptians started building these temples around 2500 BC. These people worshipped a number of gods and goddesses in these temples. Each of Egypt’s cities had a temple built to its own god, so there are a large number of these temples all across the country. Certainly you will find that any visit to Egypt is incomplete without venturing into one of these temples.

One of the most famous of the Egyptian temples is the one at Luxor. Built mainly between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries BC, this temple can be found on the edge of the River Nile’s eastern bank. You will be amazed to find how well preserved the inside of this is. It is well known for its stone carvings which are fascinating to see and will take you back in time, to dwell on how the people who made these must have lived. You can also see the barque chapels, the sun court and the colonnade. As you walk around it is worth reflecting that temples had different chambers for people, depending on their social class. The inner chambers were reserved for those from higher classes.



A visit to an ancient tomb is a must whilst you are in Egypt. Some of these were set in rock and others were pyramids. Whichever style of tomb was used, these people believed that certain parts of the body lived after death and as a consequence they used mummification. Offerings were left at the tombs by these people as a result of their beliefs in the afterlife. There are two notable sites tombs that you may choose to visit whilst you are in Egypt. These are Saggara and the pyramids of Giza. Higher class people were buried along with their jewels in these tombs which are both pyramids.

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