Premium Outlets shopping, Orlando, Florida

Travelers visiting Orlando, Florida enjoy a wide variety of attractions and shopping choices. You'll find ample opportunities to enhance your wardrobe, while getting gifts at our Premium Outlets. With literally hundreds of upscale stores, International visitors find more temptations than they ever imagined. I've personally witnessed people, on the phone to France, comparing prices and stocking up for the holidays! We have 2 Orlando Premium Outlets and 10 other malls to ensure shoppers can find almost anything their heart desires. We intend your visit to be so memorable, you'll be telling friends for years how much you enjoyed coming here!

Although I'm tempted to list the shops, the reality is you must experience for yourself the wonder and awe of the variety available. Taking advantage of exchange rates and extensive inventories are as much a part of the Orlando experience as the theme parks and fine dining. Between the Orlando Premium Outlets, regular malls and outlet stores, you'll find something for every budget. Why spend hours online, (plus shipping charges) when you can see and touch your choices in person? Disney does NOT have a monopoly on the magic that is Orlando.



We look forward to seeing and serving you soon. When you want more than just a vacation, Orlando is the place to see!

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