Charlotte Islands, Canada

Gwaii Haana National Park, British Columbia, Canada

Charlotte Islands, which is officially called Haida Gwaii as of June 2010, is located in the British Columbia province of Canada. The Queen Charlotte Islands is made up of two main islands. The northern one is Graham Island, and Moresby Island is the southern island. A visit to the islands will find you just south of Alaska. It is impossible not be thrilled with the beauty and diverse landscape of the Charlotte Islands.

Totem poles in Charlotte Islands, Canada

While visiting Haida Gwaii take advantage of the museums. See the large totem poles that tell a story about the area.

Have you ever been to a logging camp? While in Queen Charlotte Island you have a change to experience one first hand. The islands have become more popular with tourists in the recent past and offers tour guides for fishing trips, or you can venture out on the bike trails and find a good camping spot for the night. If you’re not into the adventure of camping the islands have many fine hotels and restaurants for your enjoyment.



Plan to visit Haida Gwaii soon and remember legend has it that “Haida Gwaii is the place where time began”. It is difficult to miss the spiritual and mystical nature of this beautiful place.

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