South Carolina Button King Museum

Exhibit at the Button King Museum

Looking for a fun destination in South Carolina? A visit to the South Carolina Button King Museum in Bishopville will enchant and delight the whole family. With a possible meeting with the Button King himself, Dalton Stevens, this adventure will entertain you with music, buttons and an amazingly creative expression of pop art all from buttons.

Dalton Stevens started the beginnings of the museum in 1983, when due to insomnia, he began sewing buttons on a denim jumpsuit. With 16,333 buttons sewn on that original jumpsuit, he continued attaching buttons on various items, including his banjo, piano and other items. Guitars, shoes, hats, clothing and more were all the canvas for his button art.



Today, a visit to the museum will astound you with items such as cars covered in buttons, toilet with buttons, as well as clothes, musical instruments and more, all covered with glued on buttons of every imaginable size, shape and color. A hearse and casket complete the assortment and are the ultimate button statement by the Button King.

Featured on CNN, Letterman, Geraldo, Johnny Carson and more, Stevens is sure to amaze and entertain you, if he is available at the Button Museum. This trip is a true taste of Americana, and will delight you and keep you smiling. No admission is charged, although donations are accepted, and tapes, video and CD's are available for purchase. Enjoy this unique and memorable adventure and see real folk art in a world of buttons.

South Carolina Button King Museum address

South Carolina Button King Museum
55 Joe Dority Rd.
Bishopville, SC 29010

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