City guide to Hannibal

Introduction to Hannibal

Hannibal, Missouri, is situated on the west side bank of River Mississippi. There is the Bear Creek which flows one-fourth mile wide down a wide gorge into this river. The creek and the river banks are rocky and thus it is an ideal place to build a wharf. The Mississippi River around Hannibal is deep and runs quietly.

Hannibal is a literary minded destination for tourists mainly because of its hometown author who was famous by the name Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens. It is a Mississippi River town of seventeen thousand and seven hundred people.

Visitors to the Main Street and historic downtown area can walk to Becky Thatcher’s House and Mark Twain’s home during his boyhood days. Other Twain-inspired venues are also open downtown and they include a theater, Tom Sawyer diaromas and the haunted wax museum.

Some of the plentiful special places have themes from Twain’s novels. At the Tom Sawyer Day’s Festival in July visitors can join in frog jumping contests and fence paintings.

You can see the overview of the city by climbing on a horse or bus drawn carriage or by trolley.Visitors can take a scenic cruise or travel underground into Mark Twain Cave for more exploration.

On the Mark Twain Lake and Mississippi River, there are some outdoor activities that are carried out like boating and fishing. Mark Twain State Park is on the border from Hannibal. It is a famous water sports and sail boating location. Other interesting activities that you can participate in include horseback riding, hiking, hunting and camping around the lake.

The location of Hannibal is on the north of Saint Louis is about one hundred and twenty miles from the city and can be accessed through U.S. Highways 61 and 36. There are many hotels in Hannibal in addition to beds and breakfasts. There is also the availability of lodging close to Mark Twain Lake.

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