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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The ancient city of Pisa, Italy, has played a part of several cultures and scholars are not sure as to founding people of Pisa. During an excavation in Arena Garibaldi, they discovered a necropolis of Etruscan origins leading them to point to the Etruscans as being the founders. The Romans gained control and it became a naval force with several naval expeditions beginning there. From this point on, Pisa has held a important place as a port city. Located on the mouth of River Arno and Ligurian Sea it is the capital city of the Province of Pisa.

Today Pisa has many sights for those looking to see a little bit of history. The Leaning Tower of Pisa might be the most famous but, after all of the years of history, it is far from being alone. The church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri along with Knights Square contains a large amount of art pieces from Turkey and paintings from several well known painters. It also houses a bust by Donatello. The church of St. Sixtus is a well preserved Roman style building that dates back to 1133. These are only a couple of examples with more prime examples of Gothic buildings.

There are other leaning towers here as well with one being in the Piagge riverside promenade. The Borgo Stretto is a ancient neighborhood with a beautiful Gothic church of its own and medieval arcades. There are several museums that have collections of art, scientific items, and one of the largest collections of skeletons of cetaceans, whales and related animals, in the world. The artist Keith Haring finished his last public work in 1989 and is known as the mural Tuttomondo located at the Church of Sant'Antonio.

Pisa has the Galileo Galilei Airport that can be reached by train or bus. The railroads are also connected to several other major Italian cities, such as Rome, Genoa, Florence, and Naples. It would make a great summer trip to visit a few of these cities at once. It has two exits on the A11 Generational road. There is also a limited bus service that can help get around the city. This is a busy tourist area so call ahead and make reservations as needed.

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