City guide to Singapore

Introduction to Singapore

Nestled on the southern tip in Malaysia providing a lush Southeastern Asia climate, idealistic beach culture and one of the most vast and busiest ports in the world, you will find the lovely skyline and urban sprawl of Singapore. Singapore offers many closely clustered activity hotspots for residents and visitors alike, making this an exciting multifaceted destination. Singapore is diverse and any individual will be pleasantly surprised. Many modern and ancient attractions await you in Singapore.

Singapore can be an exotic get-a-way, a fabulous family vacation, or both! You can stay at a resort, visit theme parks, find plenty of nightlife and great places to stay based on your budget. There are several destinations in Singapore not to be missed, including the Jurong Bird Park, a bird zoo with over 8,000 birds from all over the world. The Singapore Zoo is an amazing zoo, including a night safari. This zoo is not your typical zoo: Designed in 1973 with then revoluationary open concept and drawing in over 1.5 million visitors a year.

A more energetic experience can be had at Universal Studios Singapore.

Singapore also boasts a Little India and a Chinatown. In Little India, be prepared to think your destination was India due to the huge variety of Indian goods, cuisine and Indian temples. Experience the wet market with sellers providing exotic Asian spices to fresh seafood for a fabulous array of items that will entice your senses. Chinatown is a historical area of Singapore to experience drenched with rich atmosphere and offering many religious temples including the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which should not be overlooked while wandering through Chinatown. If you can manage a visit to Singapore around or on the Chinese New Year, your will be far from disappointed with the bazaars, street shows and great food!

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