Bath Literature Festival, England

The Bath Literature Festival is an annual week-long event that attracts thousands each year to Bath's vibrant city center each year. Generally held in late winter or early spring (eg. Feb 26 to Mar 6 2011), the festival is a well-known and respected event in the UK that began in 1995 and has grown steadily in the years following its inception. Past festivals have hosted notable authors such as Margaret Atwood, Sue Townsend, Doris Lessing and Ian Banks.



Potential festival goers should plan well in advance to attend, as there are a multitude of individual events throughout the week that require the purchase of a ticket to attend. Many of these events have been known to sell out quickly in the months and weeks prior to the festival. A variety of discussions, travel talks, musical recitals and other interesting activities are held within some of the notable architecture that highlights the city, including the Masonic Hall, Bath Abbey, and the Bath United Reform Church.

Tickets to the festival, individual events and accommodations can be purchased online or through area travel agents.

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