The Edinburgh Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dating back to 1788, the underground vaults in Edinburgh, Scotland are otherwise known as the South Bridge Vaults. They are located in the arches of the bridge and originally housed taverns and tradesmen, besides being utilized as storage for illegal materials. The quality of the vaults began to deteriorate due to damp conditions caused by flooding. The air quality was also poor with no ventilation, so eventually the businesses moved out. By then, the area around the bridge had become a slum and the poor people moved into the abandoned vaults, living in dreadful conditions. Soon there were also brothels and pubs operating within them. However, ultimately the vaults were abandoned and filled with rubble. They were only rediscovered in 1985 when excavations unearthed artifacts showing that they had once been inhabited.



Today there are many reports of paranormal activity happening in the vaults. They are the subject of television shows about spirits and supernatural experiences. Visitors to Edinburgh can take tours of the underground vaults offered by several tour companies whose guides detail and even reenact the gory crimes and deaths that are said to have occurred in them. Eerie and mysterious, grim and sinister, the vaults have been described as one of the most haunted places in Britain.

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