Lake Bogoria National Park, Kenya

Flamingos at Kenya's Lake Bogoria National Park

While it has not reached the popularity of some of the other safari areas of Africa, Kenya's Lake Bogoria National Park is gaining ground thanks to its soda lake that covers an area of approximately 30-square kilometers.

This soda lake, like others in Kenya, provides safari goers with some of the most amazing sights of the African fauna. The park offers visitors a unique viewing point of flamingos in the area. With the small equatorial lake only reaching a depth of nine meters and no outlet to other bodies of water, the soda lake at Lake Borgoria National Park evaporates and leaves a large amount of minerals in the ground, leading to a rare combination of events that helps safari goers taking in grand views. Thanks to the minerals left at the soda lake, Kenya’s Lake Bogoria has a large population of blue-green algae, which makes it a prime location for flamingos.

For safari-goers that wish to see more of the African flora than fauna, Lake Bogoria National Park also offers the Loburu Hot Springs, which provides for a captivating view of the African landscape. As with all hot springs and geysers, the liquid exiting said landscape comes out at extreme temperatures and viewers will need to be careful when going near them. The Maasai call Lake Bogoria – Mbatibat – and with its bed of geysers and hot springs, the area has become a viewing point for those that want to witness one of nature’s most spectacular events. Average height of an eruption from the blowholes is two-and-a-half to three meters (8-10 feet).

When planning a trip to Lake Bogoria National Park, the location of the park is just off the B4 away from Nakuru. The main entrance is located at the Loboi Gate and is located just before Marigat off the B4.



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