Parc du Bourg de Pabos, Quebec, Canada

Beach at Par du Bourg de Pabos in Canada

Visiting the Pabos Parc du Bourg is an exquisite journey into nature and natural beauty. There are learning opportunities available as well as camping, a beach area, hiking rails, bicycle trails, and amazing look out points. You may camp during the months of June, July, August and September. The Interpretation Centre is open daily from mid June to mid September. There are various schedule of activities families can attend. The camping is reasonable, and you can even camp a day, a week, or even months at a time. There are also additional services available such as a community hall and laundromat, pay phones, showers and toilets with accesses for people with disabilities, dumping stations, playgrounds, beaches, propane, wood, ice, and even a tepee rental! Making reservations online can save you money and they have a reduced off season rate.

This isn't just any vacation spot. The Pabos Parc du Bourg is living history and an archaeological site. You learn about fishermen dating back to the 18th century. The history learned here and the sites available to see are amazing! There is also a restaurant on site that specializes in seafoods. They serve all meals and also have fast food and frozen meals to go. Talk about convenient vacationing!

The Parc du Bourg de Pabos are well known for their fine sand and breathtaking and unique cliff surroundings. A net work of trails will give any hiking enthusiast plenty of joy, as the 15 kilometer long network will bring many breathtaking sights and adventures on foot. The forest is dense and lush.



This Canadian vacation spot is simply gorgeous, historical, interactive and an attractive spot for families for a vacation of a life time. They even have a day camp for young explores and have a golf deal set up with a near by golf club. The experience will live on in your hearts forever.

Parc du Bourg de Pabos location

Parc du Bourg de Pabos
75 Chemin de la Plage
Pabos Mills, Qu├ębec
G0C 2J0

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