Pirates in Paradise Festival, Key West, Florida

Look out Johnny Depp, the real pirates are coming in November for 10 days. The Pirates in Paradise is a 10 day festival celebrating Key West, Florida’s colorful Maritime heritage.

There is so much to see and do at the festival it is hard to decide what to do first. Activates include watching artists and historians read literature. Take a historic walking tour, have some “grog’’. Make sure to visit the village thieves market and pirate pub on the water front where stories are told and arts and crafts of the period are displayed. Take a pirate tour on a tall ship around Key West.

Take a historic walking tour of Old Town Key West or watch the Pirates of the Coasts Nations walk the plank National Championships on the WOLF at schooner Wharf.

Watch the kids enjoy the little Pirate activities including a costume contest. There is plenty of swashbuckling entertainment for everyone to enjoy also.

If the love bug has bitten you can even be married on one of majestic sailing vessels. After your vows are said the captain with then blow the sacred Conch horn to announce you marriage to all on land, sea and in the heavens.

As at any festival there is plenty of food and beverages to enjoy while strolling through the exhibits or shopping at the Pirates village and thieves market.

So grab your first mate, raise your flag and head to southern Florida for the Pirates in Paradise festival in November in Key West.

Pirates in Paradise Festival location and dates

Pirates in Paradise Festival
Southard St & E Quay Rd
Key West
FL 33040
United States



The festival takes place each year at the end of November / early December.

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