Tempo Latino festival, Vic-Fezensac, France

The Tempo Latino festival takes place in Vic-Fezensac, a rural market town in southwest France. Usually a fairly tranquil town Vic-Fezensac comes to life in the month of July when the annual Tempo Latino festival is held. Known informally as the Salsa Festival, and the largest of its type in Europe, Tempo Latino showcases the very best of Afro Cuban, Latin and Salsa music accompanied by the wildest of dancers in colourful costumes.



Tempo Latino 2011 is scheduled to take place between Friday 22nd and Monday 25th July. The line up includes individual artists such as Jimmy Bosch, La Sucursal Sa, Choco Orta and Sebastian Avispa whilst bands scheduled to perform include Calambuco, Ojos de Brujo, Salsa Celtica, Especial Salsa Dura and Gropo Fantasma. Surely something for everyone!

Tickets for Tempo Latino cost 45 Euros for each night although you can pick up heavily discounted tickets for just 25 Euros when you reserve before 14th July. In addition a four day ticket is available for just 105 Euros.

Get your dancing shoes on and head over to Vic-Fezensac!

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