New York entertainment and shopping

Entertainment & shopping in New York

Ice skating rinks in New York City for Winter 2018-19
New York is great for ice skating in November, December and April when temperatures typically range from 45 to 65 degrees but the rinks are already open

Koreatown, New York City
K-town is filled with asian restaurants, and shopping in the Koreatown Galleria.

Abrons Arts Center, New York City
The Abrons Arts Center is the perfect place to enjoy an evening of entertainment far away from the standard fare on Broadway.

Zero Film Festival in New York
For the true movie lover, a trip to the Zero Film Festival is a must do trip at least once.

No Fun festival, Brooklyn, New York
The No Fun Festival in Brooklyn, New York has a history of being amazing. It is a weekend musical festival organized by musician Carlos Giffoni that features primarily noise bands and avant-garde musicians.

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