Eating out in France just got cheaper

The hidden ParisFrench restaurants have been beleaugured by chains selling take away food and sandwiches for some time, as eating out became very expensive in France. But France just lowered the restaurant sales tax from a high 19.6% to a much more reasonable 5.5% and the customers are filling up the previously empty seats quickly.

The lower sales tax means meaningfully cheaper food: For example, a €9.90 main dish could now be down to just €8.80. A Big Mac dropped by 50c and basic coffees are now down to just €1. No, I don't consider a Big Mac French food, or even food, but most people can use that as a comparison. Restaurants all over Paris are currently displaying signs advertising lower prices because of the tax decrease.



And for tourists to France, the lower prices means they can stay longer and come more often. That can only be good news.

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