Granville Island, Vancouver

Do you ever wish for a place the whole family can truly enjoy? A place that is so unique, you will want to come back again and again? Wish no more, Granville Island is just that place. An island in the middle of Vancouver, it often seems like the town square of the city. A place that offers fun and excitement for everyone. A place where you will find a public market with an exciting, eclectic blend of fresh delicacies from sea and shore. Bakers and crafters and people galore and a lovely courtyard where you can pause, relax and just take it all in. A theatre, in the mood for some improvisational comedy or a contemporary production? Feeling artsy? Check out one of several artisan shops where you can watch pottery be shaped or jewelry being fashioned.



Don't let all the excitement around you make you forget to satisfy your hunger at one of several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy everything from a sandwich to a gourmet meal. Keep the kids happy with a visit to the Kid's Market where you will find Adventure Zone and all sorts of activities just for kids. There are magic shows and juggling and a giant water park. Your kids are going to love you!

Had enough excitement and want to just relax for a few moments, maybe with your favorite brew? Head on over to the Granville Island Brewing Company. Enjoy your favorite, or try one of the many custom brews on tap. Put the finishing touches on a perfect day with a boat ride around English Bay. You can also enjoy a kayak trip or a whale watching tour. It has been a full day and it is time to head for home. You and the family pause and look out over the English Bay as the sun begins to set, and you all agree it has been a great day, just the first of many to come on Granville Island.

Granville Island location and hours

Granville Island
Intersection of Anderson St. and 2nd Avenue

Shopping, eating, and activities are open from morning until late evening every day.

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I have never been to Vancouver before, but I've been planning a trip for several weeks now and been looking for the best places to visit. So far, I've found several tips and your post assured me that Granville Island belongs to the top destinations within Vancouver. I've already heard about it and recently I've come across a wonderful Granville Island photo essay. I can't wait to get there. Thank you for your enthusiastic description of this place.

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