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Loads of new travel finds for you to read this week. There's a lot of talk about airline security and it's nice to see it's finally being taken seriously. Read on.

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A trip to Hundred Islands National Park and its home, Alaminos City, is a great diversion from the hustle and bustle of the busy, urban life. Breathe in the refreshing views - rice paddies, azure sea - and the rustic and peaceful lifestyle as you make your way to Alaminos City. Here are 11 Reasons Why You Have To Go To The Hundred Islands from

In December last year, Patrick Smith wrote for the New York Times about how our current security protocols aren't really helping security, but are often both pointless and wasteful. From the article: "In the end, I’m not sure which is more troubling, the inanity of the existing regulations, or the average American’s acceptance of them and willingness to be humiliated." and "Conned and frightened, our nation demands not actual security, but security spectacle." Read The Airport Security Follies.

Tim Leffel is Exploring The Other Mexico over at Cheapest Destinations. The article shows how much more you can get for your money once you leave the all-inclusive resorts and cookie cutter hotel rooms behind. This is travel how we all picture it; quirky, cheap, and personal.

Arthur Frommer covers how things in travel are pretty bad, what with the plunging value of the US dollar, security faffles, airline bankruptcies... the list goes on. Read his comments at In travel, things can only get better from now on; they can't get worse.

Viator heads to New Orleans and finds it's slowly bouncing back as a destination. It's certainly as quirky as it always was! Find out what to do there in New Orleans: Slowly Recovering, As Interesting As Ever.

Peter Greenberg sends some criticism the TSA's way in Severe Turbulence Shakes Airline Industry. It's been a few interesting weeks with airlines going bankrupt and security being, well, neither secure nor smart. At least the TSA will begin to inspect air cargo by this summer. Yes, begin. Because so far, they're not. And yes, you're sitting on top of the cargo hold when you fly...

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Top 10 Food Mistakes from MSN covers how food manufacturers often mislead you about the nutritional value of their products. It's more difficult than ever to buy healthy foods. Speaking of food, check out why coffee may be good or bad for you in Is Coffee Good or Bad For You? The Pros & Cons of Coffee Drinking.

AdAge has a feature on the future of content on the web. Is it possible that the rise of aggregators will overtake the original content creators as the destination of choice? If so, who will stick with the expensive and never ending task of creating that content? More at It's Web 3.0, and Someone Else's Content Is King.

Oddee shares some photos of monasteries from around the world in Breathtaking Monasteries Around the World.

There's a new Halal pub in Oldham, England. Yes, the new Halal Inn is a dry pub for muslims. Long overdue and certainly unique. More at Gadling, although they're being unnecessarily critical.

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