Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo

The Ota Memorial MuseumFor art lovers visiting Tokyo, the Oto Memorial Museum of Art is the perfect getaway from the bustling activity the city is famous for. This small serene museum which is located in the Harajuku shopping district houses over 12,000 original woodblock Ukiyo-e paintings. The museum has served as the guardian of the Ukiyo-e art, which originated in Japan but later leaked to the West during the Meiji Restoration era of the late 1800s, by bringing back the lost masterpieces to their homeland. A project that was started nearly a century ago by Seizo Ota V, the Ota Museum today is a pioneer in preserving and showcasing Japan’s traditional art.

For an ardent art lover the museum is where you can admire the greatest Japanese paintings in their true colors. The Ota Museum organizes several art exhibitions throughout the year focusing on innovative themes every month and displaying select works of art pertaining to the specific theme. That way, this place manages to maintain an aura of freshness and attract art enthusiasts consistently.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art address and hours

Ota Memorial Museum of Art
1-10-10 Jingu-mae
Tokyo, 150-0001 Japan

Opening hours 10:30 to 17:30, last admission 17:00



Photo by suepark on flickr

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