Top sights in Toronto

Toronto skyline at sunset

Toronto is said by many to be one of the most diverse cities in the whole world. You can enjoy a plethora of ethnic cuisine displaying Toronto’s distinct cultural flavor. Try everything from Ethiopian food to Thai from authentic street vendors.

If you’re into cultural flair, Toronto has a huge rush of all kinds of music and bands for you to listen to any night of the week. Explore its dynamic art scene – you will be exposed to variations of sculpture, street art and mixed-media.

Below we have crafted a list of our favorite hot spots in Toronto for you to check out if you ever have the pleasure of visiting this great and vastly different city.

CN Tower

One of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, the CN Tower is definitely worth a look. At the top you have a five star restaurant that gives you a spectacular 360’view all across the whole of Toronto. You can also gain free entry to the tower if you dine in the restaurant as well.

Kensington Market

Toronto’s most unique district, with a vibe and flare all of its own. You can sample local eats from around the world, purchase all sorts of goods including fruits, vegetables, vintage clothing, Chilean empanada’s, cheese and fresh bread. You can also do fun stuff like play giant street scrabble on pedestrian Sundays, dance to live DJs and receive free existential advice in the community park.

Korea Town

If you’re fond of Korean cuisine you will find a plethora of amazing restaurants located in Toronto’s Korean district. Choose from such delights as ‘Pork bone soup’, ‘Kimchee” and the ever popular Korean drink of “soju”, which is great to bring out the true intensity of the flavours of your meal.

Harbourfront Center

This is Toronto’s cultural heart and soul, with 1000s of acts from all around the world coming here to perform everything from dance to live music. Here you’ll be able to sample a whole magnitude of different foods, sights, sounds and people as you all mingle together in one of Canada’s best entertainment venues.

Dundas Square

Describe by many as a scaled down version of Times Square in New York. Here you can see Toronto’s more spirit in full swing. From public speakers and independent food and clothing stalls to live local music acts and even flash mobs.



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