Venice travel articles

Venice travel articles

Venice without the crowds
Venice is beautiful, stunning, and astoundingly crowded. If you rather avoid crowding yourself with snap-happy Japanese tourists, get up at the crack of dawn and you’ll see the city on your own

Now book Venice tourism services online
Beginning 1 February, travelers will be able to book tourism services for Venice online and pick dates for travel when there are fewer tourists around

The cleaning up of Venice
While Venice sorts out how to stay afloat, especially given the latest record aqua alta, the mayor is working at making it a more decorous place

Pigeons aren't welcome in St. Mark's Square
From this May 7, feeding pigeons in St. Mark's Square will be illegal. Tourists that feed pigeons and are caught will be fined 50 Euros, ca $80 USD, on the spot.

Hotels in Murano, Venice
Murano, the island where all the glass art is made, is a quiet and cheaper alternative to the Venice islands for a hotel. There are only two on the islands, both good. Staying on Murano will save you a bundle, as it's off the beaten track, in other words, not right in San Marco!

Resources to plan a Venice visit
Great guides to plan a trip to Venice, Italy. I went to "La Serenissima" for my wife's birthday this year. Here's how to get the ideas of what to do while in Venice.

Glass art in Murano
There was a time when the trade of glassblowing and glass art was dominated by the Venetian Republic, with the factories on the island of Murano.

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