Great reads #19

The Great reads feature will be moving to a biweekly schedule from now on. So, every other Monday morning, I will guide you to some of the best travel articles that've been published on the web for you to spend your work breaks dreaming away from the cubicle.

Buffalo in an American state parkThere are worrying proposals from the N.R.A. to allow visitors to national parks to carry guns so they'll feel safer. Jamie Rhein comments over at Gadling that there's plenty of opposition to the idea. In Gun-friendly national parks possibly coming soon, she argues that national parks are safe as they are, after all, I believe the animals are much more scared of us in any case. The issue is also covered in the New York Times.

If you're interested in stretching out your European vacation, working to supplement your budget should be appealing. But how do you find work? Michaela Lola Abrera writes for Travelers Notebook about How To Find Paying Work While Traveling in Europe. As the article notes: " Although many travelers have notions of selling their poetry in French train stations or painting sweeping sunsets, these endeavors are not likely put many Euros in your pocket."

Vagabondish Phil Goldman heads to Thailand in Rumble in the Jungle: Surviving Macaques and Danish Tourists in Thailand. This tale of monkeys, machetes, and Danish tourist girls ends up in gratuitous violence and humiliation by banana peel.

Lisa Lubin at Brave New Traveler knocks out 8 Surefire Ways To Spice Up Your Travels in a quest to make the trip more fun. They're very common sense ideas, that work well, but are usually only realized by seasoned travelers. Read and adopt. I especially like the exhortation to avoid Micky D's in favor of local food stands... bring on the tacos!



MadTV created an airline safety presentation in their own unique way:


7 Strange and Different Restaurants is served up by Miss Celania at mental_floss. These could all be the beginnings of some special memories for your next trip. I especially like the Dinner in the Sky restaurant in Brussels. Think glass-bottomed helicopter and dinner table. Now suspend from a big crane above the city...

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