International Fireworks Festival, Cannes, France

Fireworks at the Cannes festival

For six nights of fireworks at the Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique, or the International Fireworks Festival, visit Cannes, France. This is an amazing summer festival that showcases state-of-the-art pyrotechnic displays from teams all over the world. This is a competitive festival with each team trying to out-shine the other. The displays must be choreographed to music and they last 25 minutes long. Each team will have a theme that they are trying to relate to the audience and judges. Launching the fireworks over the bay makes Cannes even more picturesque than it already is! There are online opportunities for viewers to vote for their favorite firework display, making this trip an exciting and interactive experience.



From fireworks enthusiasts to families to professional photographers, this festival is sure to please. Traveling with children will not be an issue as they will gladly behave to witness this stunning array of fireworks and learn about this fantastic art form. Professional photographers will get some superb firework shots guaranteed to be stunning and original. Do not worry about having nothing to do during the day either: Cannes is a fabulous beach side location, known for shopping, cuisine and depth of history. You will not run out of exciting opportunities for enjoyment in Cannes. Everyday life in Cannes has been described as a small festival. Visiting during the Firework Festival is an innovative and cutting-edge vacation, as you will have the unique opportunity to view specialized firework displays that have never been seen before and may never be seen again.

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