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When booking a honeymoon in Europe, most couples pick big-name cities like Paris or Venice. They are the most famous European destinations and the easiest choice to make when planning a honeymoon.

However, why not consider one of these lesser-known destinations instead? There are other cities in Europe that you might not be as familiar with. In these underrated destinations, you might find a European honeymoon full of romance and charm but with fewer crowds and less expense. Rather than being surrounded by throngs of other tourists, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a lesser-known city.

The following are some ideas for enjoying some of the most underrated but wonderful honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Helsinki, Finland

This city is a charming place to spend a honeymoon. During the summer months, the city comes alive with outdoor festivals and music fairs. The days are long, with sunlight lasting until nearly midnight. In the winter, the days are short but the city makes up for the darkness with lights everywhere. The monuments and the buildings twinkle, ponds become skating rinks and the trees are decorated with icicles. You can bundle up for the cold and go for walks hand-in-hand in one of the city’s parks, such as the Esplanadi Park or Toolonlahti.

Helsinki is not the first city you might think of when visiting Europe, but it is a lovely place and manages to retain a small-town feeling although it is an international metropolis. One of the most romantic places to stay in Helsinki is the Hotel Kamp, which is a hotel from the turn of the century where artists, poets and politicians have been known to meet. The rooms are elegantly styled and spacious, and there is also the traditional Finnish sauna for warming up.

Dubrovnik, Croatia



Dubrovnik in Croatia is less expensive and less busy than the coasts of France or Italy, but this won’t last forever. This city is quickly becoming a sought-after destination. This walled, medieval city on the Mediterranean is the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon, with historical atmosphere as well as lots to see and do.

You can walk together on the walls around Old Town and enjoy the views of the city; the walls are 2km long and were built to protect the city from enemies. You can also take a romantic hike up to Mount Srd and visit the fortress on top. At the end of the day, take a swim in the Adriatic Sea or charter a yacht for a romantic dinner cruise.

In the evening, you can catch live jazz at The Troubador, a bar in the Old Town area of the city while sipping some of Dubrovnik’s fine wines.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States, where approximately half of Latvia’s population lives. This city has not been a famous European destination in the past, but it has been experiencing a renaissance. In fact, it is becoming one of the most attractive cities in Europe. It offers an exciting nightlife, a historical old town and plenty of activities. You could have a romantic picnic at the Riga Central Market or get all dressed up for a romantic evening at the Latvian National Opera.

Latvia is a tiny but beautiful country with friendly people and gorgeous scenery. While you are here, you can explore the coast and enjoy some of the white-sand beaches. You can also visit medieval castle ruins and hike in the forest.

These are just some examples of cities in Europe that you might not have considered but would make fantastic honeymoon destinations. Why not avoid the crowds, find better prices and enjoy your new marriage in one of these underrated cities?

About the Author: Mark Riley is a Dublin-based travel writer who frequently blogs about the best offers for romantic holidays in Ireland, among other European countries.

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