The Papyrus Institute, Giza, Egypt

The Papyrus Institute in Giza may not be the first destination tourists think of when planning a trip to Egypt, but it should be. Visitors to the museum learn about the history of papyrus, the importance of papyrus to the region, view examples of unique Egyptian papyrus art, and have the opportunity to buy affordable, unique souvenirs. The Papyrus Institute is referred to as a museum, though it is not technically a museum in the traditional sense. It might appropriately be called a quasi-museum, focused solely on papyrus history and production with the primary intent of selling fun gifts only found in Giza.

The Papyrus Institute is popular among tourists for several reasons. It is off the beaten path of well-known, heavily trafficked Egyptian sites. The Institute tends to be less crowded and allows visitors a chance to cool off and take in their surroundings without being rushed out the door to make room for new visitors. There are sales people encouraging the purchase of souvenirs as there are at all of Egypt’s attractions, but the quieter atmosphere compared to major museums assures that generally the sales personnel are not pushy and rushed. Also, the museum has affordable replica papyrus art that is truly unique. A piece of papyrus has so much more personality than a postcard, and the Papyrus Institute is the best place in Egypt to buy it.

The Papyrus Institute address and hours



The Papyrus Institute
121 Al-Nil Street

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