Tourist attractions in York (England)

York (England) visitor attractions

National Railway Museum, York
The National Railway Museum in York is a museum which features so many exhibits that it is nearly impossible to experience all of the attractions in a single day.

Micklegate Bar, York, England
Micklegate Bar has borne witness to many fascinating events since its original construction in the 12th century.

The Jorvik Viking Centre in York
When vacationing in York, England the Jorvik Viking Centre is a must see. The centre opened in 1984 and is open daily throughout the year.

Barley Hall, York
Barley Hall is a reconstructed Medieval building situated near Stonegate in York, England. This building originally dates back to 1483 but was given a new life after its heritage was discovered in 1980.

City Art Gallery, York, England
City Art Gallery, York, also well-known as York Art Gallery, is one the better art galleries in England.

The city walls of York, England
The town of York, England, first started building walls to at the time of the Roman invasion during the first century AD. The Roman soldiers built a fort and the town of Eboracum developed around this fort.

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