Diocletian's Palace, Split, Croatia

The Dicletian palace in Split, Croatia

When you make a visit to Diocletian’s Palace you will be able to experience a palace built in Roman times. It was built only 300 years after Christ. The emperor Diocletian actually built this particular palace as a retirement home. It encompasses a land area of close to 3,600 square meters, and at times has housed as many as nine thousand people. It is located in Split, right on the Dalmatian coast that leads into the Mediterranean. Diocletian’s palace has been declared a world heritage monument and is the exception that you must visit.



You wonder just how buildings like this still exist, the quality of construction and weather and wars this is truly an experience not to be missed. The architecture is extravagant. The pillars and statues are something to behold. There has been many new shops built inside the walls of the palace that makes for plenty of shopping fun, so if you like great shopping or a world historical site you definitely have it all here at Diocletian’s Palace in Croatia.

Diocletian’s Palace location

Diocletian’s Palace
Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda

Photo by Sebastià Giralt on flickr

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