Tourist attractions in Dublin

Dublin visitor attractions

Dublin Writers Museum
A letter from Yeats to Frank O'Connor, a first edition of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and a silver tiara decorated with scenes from the work of Burns.

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland
The Irish Museum of Modern Art is a treasure trove for Dublin's art lovers. A great stop on any cultural trip to Dublin.

National Botanical Gardens in Dublin
Dublin's National Botanical Gardens is a gem just a few miles outside of central Dublin where you can relax in natural beauty.

Dublin City Gallery
If you're planning a trip to Dublin in the future, consider visiting Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
The Chester Beatty Library is one of the hidden treasures of Europe. Off the beaten tourist track, but well worth the visit, this was one of the most impressive libraries or museums that I saw during my trip to Europe last summer.

National Photographic Archive, Dublin
With more than 63,000 photographs of Ireland in the past, this is a treasure for geneaologists and history buffs.

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