Paris travel articles

Paris travel articles

Bon Appétit! – Romantic dining in Paris
Paris is a city for lovers and love and food go together better in Paris than anywhere else.

Zeev's map of Paris
Paris lovers should take a look at the amazing map of Paris that Zeev Ben-Nahum has created after realizing that information about great spots in Paris aren't always very accessible.

Where to meet in Paris
There are thousands of spots where you could arrange to meet in Paris. Here are some of the better, as they're beautiful, small, and easy to find even without a map

Parisian hidden gems
The undiscovered parts of Paris are what brings the City of Lights it's real flavor

5 more free things in Paris
Paris is outrageously expensive for anyone earning dollars. But there are quite a few things in the city that can be done for free. Previously, I shared 5 free things in Paris, and here are 5 more

5 free things in Paris
Paris can be a very expensive city, but there are things to do that are absolutely free and very enjoyable. Here are some examples from Parisians in the know

Velib bike rentals in Paris
It's been a year since the introduction of Velib, Paris's bike rental system and they are being used by people all over Paris

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