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The Santa Monica Mountains is the southern California Transverse range of mountains along the Pacific Ocean coast and it's a very beautiful view as themountains look out over the coast.

On 06 January, 2014 by Jack in Destinations

Sonoma County is filled with wineries, pleasant little towns, and beaches, forests, and nature.

On 09 September, 2012 by Barb Jungbluth in Destinations

This "World's Largest Thermometer" commemorates the highest temperature recorded in the US.

On 05 September, 2012 by Barb Jungbluth in Destinations

Red Rock Canyon offers up stunning natural vistas, great camping, and outdoor pursuits.

On 28 August, 2012 by Mary Van Keuren in Destinations

Salvation Mountain is an adobe mountain, brightly adorned with sculpted and painted messages of God's love, as well as images inspired by hot air balloons, and nature's beauty. It rises three stories above the desert, stretching out for nearly 150 feet.

On 20 May, 2012 by A.M. Price in Destinations

Napa Valley has long been considered a paradise for wine lovers. Part of California's Wine Country, it is home to several hundred wineries as well as many vineyards.

On 09 September, 2012 by Marianne in Destinations

Folsom Prison Museum in California is famous because of the the singer Johnny Cash.

On 24 March, 2010 by Henry Martins in Destinations

Quick! What is home to over 12,000 ocean animals, has more than 500 species in 19 major habitats, and has over 30 exhibits? If you said The Aquarium of The Pacific, give yourself a cigar.

On 28 December, 2009 by Randy Taylor in Destinations

Angeles National Forest lies less than half-an-hour north of Los Angeles, California. Containing 10 lakes, 240 miles of streams, and more than 50 trails, the Forest offers numerous wilderness recreational opportunities.

On 01 March, 2010 by Timothy Milligan in Destinations

California's State Parks are outdoor gyms, nature reserves, leisure parks, class rooms, and even wedding chapels for millions of Americans and tourists each year. But California is shutting 220 parks to meet the budget shortfall.

On 22 March, 2015 by Jack in Travel News

If you're looking for a better priced alternative for California's Napa Valley, head to Santa Ynez Valley to experience the same superb level of wine tasting and food at much lower cost.

On 09 September, 2012 by Jack in Destinations

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