Tourist attractions in Philadelphia

Philadelphia visitor attractions

Fonthill Castle, Doylestown
The castle home of archeologist, scholar and ceramist, Henry Chapman Mercer. This castle made of hand mixed concrete has 44 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 18 fireplaces, 21 chimneys and about 32 sets of stairs.

Mercer Museum, Doylestown
Welcome yourself to the idiosyncratic mysterious world of archaeologist Henry Chapman Mercer in your visit to the Mercer Museum - a poured-in-place castle and museum designed by the man himself.

The home of Betsy Ross, Philadelphia
Betsy Ross made the first American flag during the independence war and a visit to her home is an education in the birth of the modern United States of America

The Liberty Bell Center, Philadelphia
Located in the birthplace of American freedom, the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will give the tourist all of the facts and a detailed historic perspective about this iconic symbol.

Bolt of Lightning Memorial, Philadelphia
The Bolt of Lightning Memorial in Philadelphia's Franklin Square is a structure built in memory of Benjamin Franklin's kite-flying experiment that led scientists to understand electricity better.

The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
In appearance alone, The Liberty Bell is not impressive in scale; however, knowing the history behind it helps one appreciate the magnitude of the Liberty Bell.

The Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia
The Please Touch Museum features six unique exhibits which not only allow, but encourage, children to touch and interact with the items on display, this museum is a building bustling with activity.

Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens, Philadelphia
A visit to the Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens, in South Street, Philadelphia will truly be a totally different experience. This site preserves the artworks of the famous mosaic mural artist, Isaiah Zagar.

Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia
What I liked most about the museum were the many family friendly exhibits that were scattered throughout the three story museum.

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