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Lauri and I visited Venice earlier this month. It's a fabulous city and I feel we only scratched the surface. There will be more articles coming up about 'La Serinissima' but to begin with you can learn more about neighboring island Murano and its rich history of glass art manufacture. I've also added some pointers to travel planning resources for Venice visitors.

Lauri went to Berlin earlier this year, and finally put up some photos on her MySpace profile. It's linked from Street Art in Berlin.

The rest of the new articles are listed at the bottom!

If you're in London this weekend

Time Out has some great suggestions for what to do, just slightly off the beaten path such as sawing bones or watching old men in funny hat swanning about with flowers. Or, celebrate Diwali on Trafalgar Square or maybe visit the Victoria & Albert Museum for some Halloween-inspired tours.

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Other recent articles

Farecast cuts down your airfare
A really useful tool to minimize the price of airfare, Farecast tries to predict when you can buy the cheapest air tickets possible.

Great reads #2
Second roundup of fantastic articles from around the web. A few are about travel even.

Extreme hotel bargains with Hotelscombined.com
Hotelscombined.com will save you a great deal of money on your next hotel booking. I'm a consummate bargain hunter with hotels, and the site certainly delivers for me!

Frequent flier programs losing their value
The frequent flier miles you've lovingly accrued are quickly losing their value with big airlines making tickets near impossible to get.

London's classic cafes
If you're visiting London, a stop at a classic greasy spoon cafe is a must for a genuine experience.

Fancy a journey into space?
Starting in 2009, you can take a space trip with Virgin Galactic for the bargain price of $200,000!

The Aunt Roberta
The world's strongest cocktail! With 8 and a half shots and tasty, this drink is one to reckon with.



Make your luxury travel budget friendly
Champagne taste on a beer budget? Try out Luxury Link to score a true luxury holiday on the sort-of-cheap.

Holiday home rentals just became safer
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Ryanair to charge for checking in!
Never a company to shy away from gouging their customers, Ryanair breaks new ground by charging passengers to check in at the airport!

The 2007 Thames Festival
This weekend sees the London Mayor's 10th free Thames River Festival. If you brave the crowds, this is what you'll be able to see.

Interesting articles to read #1
I read a lot, and I'm going to start sharing some of the better articles with you. Here are my best articles for issue #1 of these roundups.

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