London entertainment and shopping

Entertainment & shopping in London

Ice skating in London winter 2018
London's gifted with a number of great ice rinks during the winter. I really enjoy skating, and here's where you can join me on a pair of blades.

Columbia Road Flower Market, London
A riot of color and people, the Sunday flower market on Columbia Road is a treat for visitors and locals alike.

Shopping at Liberty in London
Offering luxury shopping since 1875, Liberty is a London landmark just off Regent Street.

A Guide to Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in London
The Diamond Jubilee will be a once in a life time celebration of the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne.

Kensington with kids
Kensington is filled with child-friendly destinations: Museums and parks galore.

London street markets
A visit to London would be remiss if it didn't include a trip to at least one its famous street markets. With offerings that include everything from exotic food to antiques and clothing, these venues offer an experience like no other.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London
Rebuilt as an exact replica of Shakespeare's original playhouse, the Globe is a great destination.

Portobello Market, London
Portobello Market is one of the original street markets in London.

Covent Garden, London
If you want to experience London at its finest, a trip to the famed Covent Garden should be on your travel to do list!

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