London travel articles

London travel articles

Enjoy visiting London with the kids
Visit a gallery, take in a show, have a nap. Visiting London with kids can be great fun, with a little planning ahead.

Early warning: Tube strikes likely over Christmas 2009
The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) has rejected a pay increase of 1.5% and will be voting on striking over Christmas 2009. If the strikes happen, London is likely to be crippled over the holiday season this year.

Open House London 2009
Open House London is an annual event that gives Londoners and visitors the opportunity to visit, for free, a huge range of architecturally interesting buildings that aren't normally open to the public.

5 further free things to do in London
Summer in London is full of activities. Most expensive, but plenty for the perfect price of free which you can do. Yesterday and the day before, we presented 5 free things to do in London and 5 more free things to do in London. Today, we're presenting the final 5 free activities.

5 more free things to do in London
Summer in London is full of activities. Most expensive, but plenty for the perfect price of free which you can do. Yesterday, we presented 5 free things to do in London. Today, we're presenting 5 more great ones.

5 free things to do in London
Summer in London is full of activities. Most expensive, but plenty for the perfect price of free which you can do. Today, we're presenting 5 great ones.

London police force tourist to delete photos of bus station
An Austrian architecture fan was stopped by Metropolitan police for taking photos of London's Vauxhall bus station which he appreciated as a work of modern art

Valentine's Day in London
Bustling London is perfect to celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day with a wife or girlfriend. Whether it's making chocolate, going to a comedy club, or eating some of the world's best food that tickles your fancy, London has something to offer everyone

Chinese New Year in London 2009
Start the Year of the Ox by celebrating Chinese New Year at London's Trafalgar Square. With traditional dances, cultural stalls, fireworks and stunning live performances, the Trafalgar Square events will draw in a large crowd from many different cultures

2 great breakfasts spots in London
The first and most important meal of the day, breakfast becomes even more important when you're traveling. For some fantastic breakfast food, visit these two London cafes for a treat

Christmas events in London 2008
During the Christmas period, London's buzzing with different events up until the big day. Many are free, and fun for kids and adults alike

Lemonia - Greek Cypriot food in Primrose Hill
The food here is traditional Greek Cypriot and it's very good. There's a wide selection of charcoal grills, such as lamb shashlik, which is marinated cubes of lamb grilled on a skewer with crisp vegetables...

Tapas at The Gore Hotel's Bar 190
The fancy The Gore Hotel in London's South Kensington now serves tapas in the chic Bar 190. Not only that, they're a bit of a bargain too

Eating on the cheap in London
While in London, there are many better options than fish and chips if you are in need of a cheap meal

Best London Pub Awards 2008
Each year round the middle of October, where-to-imbibe experts,, get together to celebrate the anniversary of their site by presenting awards to the best pubs visited over the past year

A cooler Tube journey from 2010
Boris Johnson this morning unveiled a mock-up of the new "S" stock trains being constructed for the Metropolitan, Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines

Mildreds - vegetarian in Soho, London
A cozy spot in London's Soho neighborhood, Mildred's serves exclusively vegetarian food for the area's bohemian and tourist denizens

Discover London's East End with these unique walking tours
Tower Hamlets’ residents can take a step back in time and discover the borough’s fascinating history with the help of a free self-guide trail booklet which shines the spotlight on past lives and buildings

Get Oyster-ed for cheaper London travel
London travel is often slow, crowded and awfully hot. It can also be extremely pricey. Here's how to save some of that travel budget.

Cheap theater tickets in London
London's West End is on par with New York's Broadway theater district when it comes to top quality big budget theater productions. But with the US Dollar at 2 per pound Sterling, the tickets are outrageously expensive for Americans

London for free summer 2008
Eyeflare's guide to 10 brilliant things to do in London that don't cost a penny

The Farmhouse Table, Covent Garden, London
Saturday saw us in Covent Garden and at The Farmhouse Table, a restaurant I've been curious about for a while. It turns out to be a good choice at a reasonable price in central London.

Chinese New Year in London
London's Chinese New Year celebrations are a great, free, day out for visitors and Londoners alike. It's also one of the most child-friendly events: With a great parade, art and gymnastics performances, fireworks, and individuals performing for the crowds all over Chinatown, Soho, and Leicester Square.

Piccolo Diavolo, Italian food in London's Soho
The 'Little Devil' is an appropriate name for a central Soho restaurant, and one of our favorites too. They always serve up great Italian food at decent prices and a pleasant atmosphere.

BA plane crashlands at Heathrow Airport
A plane from China operated by British Airways crashed at Heathrow today after shearing off its rear landing gear by touching down short of the runway.

Waxy O'Connor's, Soho, London
In the heart of the West End, Waxy O'Connor's is like no other bar. The fantastic features cathedral like timber carvings, stained glass windows, beautifully tiled floors and the trunk and branches of a giant preserved beech tree.

A place for your wheels in London
Anyone who drives in London sooner or later runs into parking problems. Severe parking problems, given the state of the streets around where I live. However, the ParkLet website is a marketplace where you can find a place for your car.

Sat Lav - Find a loo on the go in London
Westminster City Council has launched a service where you can find the nearest toilet by sending a text message.

London - Amazing nightlife and world-class attractions
All the favorite places to see, things to do, and food to eat in London. Here are our picks.

London's classic cafes
If you're visiting London, a stop at a classic greasy spoon cafe is a must for a genuine experience.

The 2007 Thames Festival
This weekend sees the London Mayor's 10th free Thames River Festival. If you brave the crowds, this is what you'll be able to see.

Stay away from these London establishments
Time Out joins in with an article outing the horrible service us Londoners, and London visitors, often have to endure.

London Tube best in the world?
British travel-and-everything-else company Virgin listed the best underground transit systems in the world. Amazingly, London's Tube system is at number one!

Find out what's on in London
Living in London? Going to London? Here are 6 sites that hook you up with the inside knowledge.

Take the Tube Challenge 07 on 18 May
Most days, using London's Tube system is an ordeal. But during Tube Challenge 07 it is turned into a race course for especially intrepid types.

3 free experiences in London
London is one of the world's most expensive cities and a traveler's budget can seem pitifully small. Here are 3 great things to do for free on a weekend visit.

American Ex-Pat in London
Pros and cons... specific to an American ex-pat's experience in London.

See films cheaply at Prince Charles Cinema, London
For London film buffs on a budget, there's only one choice: the excellent Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square. With famously low prices starting from as little as GBP 1.50 it shows a rotating program of cult, arthouse, and classic films alongside the best of recent hollywood releases.

Save Borough Market
One of my favorite London places is under terrible threat. Borough Market, London's historical and contemporary market for great food seems slated to be gutted by the Thameslink rail development.

Aint Nothin But… The Blues Bar
Ain’t Nothin’ But, better known as The Blues Bar, has been going since 1993. The venue is probably the only one outside of the United States providing genuine blues every night of the week.

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